Privacy/ Forum Etiquette

Privacy/Forum Etiquette


Please "Click on"  First Time Visitors to read in full about confidentiality and privacy of this website  

It is important that you remember that every user has individual privacy controls.

Your e-mail address is not visible to anyone but the Site Administrator, Bonnie Ellis. You will receive e-mail messages from me about site changes or major announcements, unless you select the unsubscribe link on my e-mails to you. If you inadvertently unsubscribe, I can re-add you to my mailing list.

The option "Notify Me" under Member functions offers a convenient way of keeping up with what's happening with classmates, and on the site. You get to decide what (if any) messages you want to receive and how often. Whenever an option you have set to "Immediate" generates an email, any others set to "Once Daily" will also be sent at that time. This helps reduce the volume of emails you receive.

In order to keep messages to a minimum, I will attempt to deactivate the "notify everyone" when I make routine or minor changes to the site, but if I forget, I beg your forgiveness in advance. please bear with me.

Class Creator, the online system we are using, is a personal, private web site solely for the use of our classmates. The only person they e-mail is me, the Site Administrator, unless you grant them permission to e-mail you directly regarding bug fixes, new software releases, etc.

They do not rent, sell or profit from classmates names or personal information. And only classmates can view profiles or the Message Forum.

Forum Etiquette

Our Westborough Class of 64 Forums are intended for reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. All of us on the Reunion Committee welcome and encourage your use of these forums to share memories and stories as well as providing updates on our lives since leaving Westborough High School.

Please use good judgment when posting messages. Personal attacks, political and religious messages, as well as inappropriate language will be removed immediately.