Logging In

To log into the Westborough High School Class of 1964 website (www.westborough64.net) for the first time you must:

Click on Missing Classmates, then scroll down to your name and click on it. You should get a "Join Here" box. Click on "click here now" to log in, create your profile, upload photos and start participating.

I will be notified that you have joined.

Once you have established your profile you will have full access to MEMBER FUNCTIONS . On subsequent visits,  you will need to click on the log in button in the top  right hand corner and fill in your user name (email address) and your created password.  Given our advancing age and failing memory,  I urge you to write your password down and keep in in a safe place (if later on, you can remember where that safe place is) 


 If you have any questions or problems, please send a message to me by Clicking on Contact Us .