What Do You Know About The Environment?

If anyone is sitting around like me waiting for Spring to truly arrive, this quiz is one way to pass the time and learn some interesting facts about the environment at the same time.  Your friends and family will be truly amazed with how savvy you are - that is, once you know all the answers.  I only got 50 % right, mainly because I am a good guesser.  I will send the answers to anyone who takes the quiz.  Good luck!      

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1)   Which of the following species does the most pollination during the spring?

2)   Bees are attracted to what color flowers?

3)   Bats pollinate over how many types of fruits?

4)   How many calories do bears burn per day during hibernation?

5)   What percent of birds in the world are migrators?

6)   What state holds the record for the most tornadoes in a single day - a total of 72!

7)   This U.S. city is the sunniest on Earth, receiving on average more than 4,000 hours of sunny weather every year:

8)   Of the 100 most populous U.S. cities, which city is persistently the coldest during winter?

9)   What is the cloudiest major U.S. city, with an average of 226 ☁️ days per year? (Cities with a population of 1 million+)

10)   Of U.S. cities with a population of at least 100,000, this city is the most persistently windy: