Baseball Fun Facts

Since today the annual Major League Baseball All Star Game will be played, it might be of interest to you afficionados to learn a few facts about the the origin of the baseball itself.  smiley   

  • About 90 % of the makeup of a major league baseball is wool yarn which is made by none other than S&D Spinning Mill in Millbury, MA. This a family-run business of four brothers that is headquartered in a 1780 mill built on Singletary Brook. (interesting also that in addition to producing yarn for baseballs, 20 % of the S&D business is making yarn for navy peacoats.)   The yarn is wrapped tightly around a rubber core and covered with cowhide that comes only from Holstein cows that are not in highly mosquito infested areas since mosquito bites will put defects in the leather.  The cowhide cover is hand sewn at the Rawlings plant in Costa Rica. Since baseball is America's pasttime, thankfully at least 90 % is USA, specifically Massachusetts, made.     No wonder Massachusetts has always had such rabid baseball fans! 
  • It takes 330 yards of wool to produce one major league baseball.
  • 120 baseballs are used in one baseball game.  The average ball is used for only four pitches.  

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